rely-a-light-front-page1.jpg rely-a-light-front-page2.jpg rely-a-light-front-page3.jpg When the power
goes out...
We turn on.
16 Hours
of Light
& Power

Safety · Security · Reliability

rely-a-light-heading.png Our Story

The idea for Rely-a-light began in 2009 during the worst ice storm that the south has seen in 25 years.  At the time, our product had no name, no company or employees behind it, we were just an idea. My father who suffered from Alzheimer’s lived with my husband and me. He also had COPD, a chronic lung condition, and was on oxygen 24 hours a day. We all knew the ice storm was coming and the weather predictions were only a few hours off, instead of mid-afternoon, we were plunged into darkness on a cold February night around 9:30 pm. My father was already in bed but when his TV went off he got up to investigate, got tangled in his oxygen tubing and fell. Thankfully he was ok, but it put our thoughts in motion. How could we prevent this from happening again? What if he had been… Read More