Blackouts Turn Me On!

rely a light

Featuring a sophisticated and elegant style, this innovative table lamp is designed with an emergency battery function that automatically lights up during power outages. Everyday it performs as a beautiful table lamp with the added benefit of a USB charging port in the metal base of the lamp. The second the power goes out, Rely-a-Light instantly lights up WITH NO HUMAN INTERACTION REQUIRED. USB port also functions without power so that you can stay in touch with family and friends during a power outage. Form and function combine to light your way to safety.

The emergency LED's will stay lit for up to 16 hours providing you enough light to make it through an entire night. There is also a toggle switch on the back base of the lamp that allows you to conserve the emergency light in the event of an extended power outage. When the power comes back on, Rely-A-Light automatically shuts off and recharges. Rely-a-Light is there when you need it.  


  • USB Port Charges Phone WITH or WITHOUT Electricity
  • Emergency lighting comes on instantly when power is lost with no human interaction
  • Turn LED's off/on to conserve light in the event of an extended power outage
  • Emergency LED's last 50000+ hours and battery recharges itself after every use
  • Twenty-two emergency LED lights automatically recharge when plugged in.
  • Perfect for all ages, especially children and the elderly.