rely a light logoWhat is the life of the battery?
Considering the average occurrence of power outages, the battery will last many years.

rely a light logoWhat if the battery needs to be replaced?

If the battery should fail beyond the warranty period, the lamp can be returned to our company and we will replace the battery for a nominal fee plus shipping costs. The consumer should NOT try to replace the battery. Battery replacement should only be done by qualified persons. Disassembling the lamp will void the warranty.

rely a light logoHow long does the battery take to recharge?
From a full discharge or completely dead battery, which is 16+ straight hours of emergency light use, it takes up to 24 hours to recharge the battery to full power. Charging phones will draw more power from the battery than emergency light alone however, the average power outage lasts from 2 to 4 hours and the battery should be recharged in a couple of hours.

rely a light logoCan I purchase different lamp shades?

Yes, our design team is working to expand our line of lamps so that we are an asset to every room in your home.

rely a light logoDoes the top part of the lamp use a regular bulb?
Yes, you can use a regular incandescent bulb (the maximum wattage is in the description specific to each lamp style), a compact fluorescent bulb or a LED bulb in the top socket of the lamp.

rely a light logoCan I use Rely-a-light as a normal table lamp?
Yes, Rely-A-Light is a normal table lamp until a power outage. Then, with no human interaction required the body of the lamp lights up and remains on until the power is restored, up to 16 hours giving you safe mobility until power is restored at which time the emergency function goes off, the battery recharges and the lamp again functions as a normal table lamp.

rely a light logoCan I turn the emergency light portion of my Rely-a-light off and on?
The lamp itself operates as any other table lamp; you may turn it off and on as often as you wish. The emergency function is designed to come on at the loss of AC power and remain on up to 16 hours until power is restored. Should you need or desire to turn off the emergency function (i.e. Moving the lamp from one location to another) there is a switch on the base of the lamp for that purpose.

rely a light logoIs the Rely-a-light energy efficient? 
The emergency light is energy efficient. The top portion of the lamp is energy efficient when a compact fluorescent bulb or a LED bulb is used.

rely a light logoWhat is the warranty on my Rely-a-light? 
Your warranty card is included with your purchase of a Rely-a-light. The lamps are warranted for 180 days from the purchase date.

rely a light logoHow large a room will the lamp illuminate when in emergency mode?
The emergency light will light any room in an average home with enough light for safe mobility and sufficiently so that you can function in a relatively normal manner.

rely a light logoIs there any fire hazard from a Rely-a-light in emergency mode?
Rely-a-light in emergency mode is NOT a fire hazard. It has been reported that 33% ( 1/3 ) of fatal home fires are caused by candles used for light during power outages. This is one of the main reasons that we created this product. With correct use, our product is NOT a fire hazard and could prevent home accidents.

rely a light logoIs my Rely-a-light safe to leave on all the time?
Yes, the lamp itself simply functions as any other table lamp and is safe to leave on as long as you desire however, the emergency function of the lamp is designed to be used in power outages only and it will run for up to 16 hours or until power is restored. The emergency mode of Rely-a-light is designed to self-monitor battery function as to avoid overcharging or over discharging.

rely a light logoIf I order a Rely-a-light, can I have it shipped to someone else?
Yes, you have the option in our order form to have separate billing and shipping addresses so that you can purchase a light as a gift and have it directly shipped. We ship anywhere within the United States.

rely a light logoWill you ship outside of the United States? 
It depends on the country you wish to send it to. At this time Rely-a-light operates on 120 volts AC at 60 hz. Many other countries operate on different voltage and hertz cycles that are not compatible with the United States system. We are expecting to offer other internationally compatible products soon.

rely a light logoIs the emergency function of the Rely-a-light dependable?
Yes, we have extensively tested our product in real life situations for three years before bringing it to the public.

rely a light logoWhat is the proper care and maintenance for the lamp?
Treat it as any other table lamp, wipe clean with a cloth, dust as normal, change bulb in top socket when it burns out and KEEP LAMP PLUGGED IN AT ALL TIMES so that it is ready to light your way when power is lost.

rely a light logoCan I unplug my Rely-a-light at night and use as a night light?
This is not recommended as the lamp is designed for use during power outages and use as a night light can and will reduce the life of your battery. It is important that you preserve the battery so that our lamp is there when you need it most!

rely a light logoCan I get replacement parts for this lamp?

There are no consumer replaceable parts in the lamps other than bulbs which are available at numerous retailers.

rely a light logoCan I ship this lamp back for repair once the warranty expires? 
Yes, if the lamp needs servicing after the warranty expires we can repair or replace necessary parts for a fee plus shipping.

rely a light logoWhat will the turnaround time be for a lamp shipped back for repair?
Approximately two to three weeks.

rely a light logoWill I have online support if I have any problems with the lamp?
Yes, we have a customer service area on our website that should answer any questions you might have. If you are unable to resolve your problem by using this resource, you may use the link on our website to request help. Someone will be in contact with you.

rely a light logoAre there any special power requirements for the lamp?
No, it can be plugged into any normal, un-switched 110 volt receptacle in your home.