"Great for camping!"

The Burlesons - Tennessee


"I didn’t really think we needed this light, but I loved the look of it and I did like the feature of charging a cell phone if the power was off. Inevitably, we had a power outage during a bad storm one night, and the house was totally dark…or so I thought. Rely-a-light kicked right on, and provided enough illumination that we didn’t need flashlights or dangerous candles. I’m sold now! I recommend at least one for each floor in your home."

"Sarah C. - Kentucky


“Rely-a-light decorative emergency lighting is an amazing innovation that solves several very practical problems. At any given time we are susceptible to power loss, which is most often very inconvenient at best – where we seek to get our bearings in order to attain a sense of normalness. Most times in these situations, we are caught off guard and may have to maneuver through the house, or wherever we are just to get a flashlight or candle. Rely-a-light solves that problem by having the dual function of serving as a lovely lamp on regular days and a hands-free emergency light and charger when you need them most. This light source is both SAFE AND CONVENIENT. To me, it’s no longer a choice, it’s a necessity - every home should have a Rely-a-light and eventually every lamp should have Rely-a-light technology.”

Kristel S. Smith –  Richmond, KY


"Finding a gift for aging friends and family members can be near impossible but, I found the perfect answer with Rely-a-light!  With the many designs available, I was able to select beautiful lamps to suit the decorating tastes of family members.  Most importantly, they have the security of knowing that in a power outage they will have hours of light.  I am thankful to find a product that will help my family be safe in their homes!"

Debbie F. - Richmond, KY


"Rely-a-light is an incredible lamp that I am very thankful to own. Not only does it have a beautiful and artistic design, but it has a hidden talent. During our most recent power outage, we had light in our living room the entire time and fully charged phones! Our rely-a-light came on and stayed on as emergency lighting for us automatically when we lost power. This lamp is my absolute favorite for more than one reason!"

Lindsay K. - Kentucky


"There are times in every business when some glitch happens - the delivery service is late, the shippers manhandle the product, the website malfunctions.  It's how a company responds when those things happen that shows their integrity and commitment to customer service.  Relay-A-Light, and specifically founder Russie Jones, embody top-notch customer service, in my opinion.  When their website malfunctioned late one evening, Russie was on the phone with her developers to get it fixed immediately.  And when a shipper broke one of the lamps, she had TWO sent out as replacements right away.  Russie, and Rely-A-Light, proved themselves to be the gold standard of customer service!"

Pamela Atherton - A Closer Look With Pam


"We love Rely-A-Light and LampAngel, and would recommend everyone to have one.

There is no worry when the electricity goes out because it will automatically come on and it can even charge a cell phone….without power!

My Granddaughter loves her Lamp Angel, it gives her a soft light to use as a nightlight, but will come on if the electricity goes out, too.

It is fun with the remote that she can use herself to turn on and off and change colors.

They are both such awesome products!"

Lisa K, - Richmond, KY


"About a year ago I was introduced to Rely-A-Light and I was completely blown away by this unique product. First, this remarkable product comes in many different designs and is a very functional lamp. Second, it becomes a night light when you wake up in the middle of the night and just need a little light to get out of the bed or off the couch. Third, in an emergency the lamp provides a light and a night light for several hours without any electricity. Did I mention that you can charge your cell phone with our without electricity. What an incredible product and thank you Rely-A-Light for bringing all this to me. You have made the world a bit safer and given me just what I need."

David S. - Lexington, KY


"Have you been without power and maybe your back up plan, the standard flashlight was not charged recently or batteries are old and not working? Let me tell you about this awesome lamp

Invented from a power outage at her elderly mother’s home, Russie Jones has designed a lamp that when the power goes out the base, which is a beautiful glass, has L E D lighting that lights up the room for 24 hours. It charges while your lamp is plugged into the wall so when power does go out, it automatically comes on.

Don’t you know we have had it already come in handy. Storms in the south can be the worse, no matter what time of year. I love candles, but let’s face it, they can be very dangerous. Flashlights don’t work 100% of the time. But the Rely a Light does.

I was very surprised of the area the is covered from the light in the base. I figured , well it will be nice to have when power goes out and I am sitting in my chair beside the table where the lamp sits. Boy was I surprised, and at awe when the whole room lit up!! Bright but not blinding bright. Which I have a hard time seeing at night so love this lamp. It also makes you feel more secure and safe when you have lights on and the rest of the neighbor hood is pitch dark."

Debbie B. - Power of Women Magazine


"I got my Rely-a-Light a year ago and it's been quite useful for our family! When I first got this amazing product, I was living in Florida. We experienced frequent storms during hurricane season and have had quite a few power outages. Although most of them were short, it was so wonderful to have Rely-A-Light ready to help immediately. We have two small children and they sleep with a fan in their room for noise. When the power would go out, the fan turning off would wake them up. Rely-A-Light helped light the way so I could reach them as quickly as possible in order to comfort them. Being able to charge my cell phone, or the iPad, with the built in USB charger was so helpful because I am not always good about keeping my phone charged. However, in a situation like that, it's important to have access to a phone as well as a way to check emergency weather alerts. The light works immediately and provides enough light for the entire room. I was so amazed at how long it would last for and while I never needed it for all 16 hours, It was great to know that it was there if I did! It was super easy to assemble out of the box and was up and running in about a minute. We recently moved to Utah and I am now using Rely-A-Light in the basement, where my office is, so that I will be able to find my way back upstairs in an emergency. I love this lamp so much that I had one sent to my 88 year old Nana for her birthday and she just loves hers as well. It's nice to know that she'll never be stuck in the dark. Thanks Rely-A-Light for a beautiful lamp that provides comfort and convenience for my family!"

Lindsay S. - Utah


"I purchased my 1st Rely-a-light lamp around 8 months ago. First, I was attracted to the classy look, then when I realized the functionality of this wonderful emergency light with a phone charger, I knew it was going home with me. A couple of weeks ago I took on yet another appreciation for this beautiful lamp. It was storming outside, we lost power as I was in the middle of doing some work and instantly my Rely-a-light turned on. I was so excited, not only was I able to continue working, but I didn't have to scramble through the house looking for my flashlights that usually end up with dead batteries when I need it. Most important for me though, is this lamp turning on in the absence of power prevents me from getting hurt. Since my foot surgery four years ago I've broken my toe again while going down the stairs in the dark. Thanks a Million Rely-a-light for this great invention! This lamp makes such great gifts! I have given my daughters each a lamp for their homes and now each of my grand children now have the Lamp Angel! My daughter that lives in Florida lost power during the last storm, she experienced the same excitement I had when my lamp went on. Its very comforting to know that when you loose power the kids will be safe with the instant light.

My grandkids love their Lamp Angel. The four year old on his own figured out he can dim the light with his remote to his liking for a night light. The five year old pics his color for the night, the one year old is fascinated with the color lights and the remote and I was tickled to see my nine year old granddaughter excited about her new lamp, then my husband saw it and fell in love with it (men and their remotes) he now has one for his night stand, in which he also charges his phone."

- Martha C., Kentucky


I received the lamp angel and it is awesome thank you for the great customer service which so many companies don't offer these days I have an autistic son and the lamp makes him feel much calmer and happier which he deserves.

- William, Canada